What about me ?

Multiple Skills

Who's that guy?

Does he even exist?

Uncommon profiles can be unsettling…

As far as I’m concerned, I have never unsettled anyone, well maybe once… or twice.

As a former translator, my passion for languages lead me to computers and visual communication. A passion for images and sound of course. Well, too much TV also, I guess.

It went along with a taste in classic litterature (Spider-man, Batman, Gaston Lagaffe) at a very young age. 

And as i was applying for a carrer as a space pirate or a masked vigilante it was also a logical move to study languages to become a graphic designer. 

Incredible skills

and quite improbable
Say 'hello' with a smile100%
Uncover annoying bugs99%
Win at head or tails50%
Drop a movie quote in a conversation33%

Creative solutions

I help you find the best solutions for your digital communication projects.

Web & UI Design

Beautifully crafted interfaces for your digital presence. Be it for mobile or desktop.

Motion Design

Animate your storytelling, give life to your event, surprise your audience with animated visuals.

What's my story?

Well, there's something I have to tell you...

I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. It all started with the internet. I wanted to be part of it and to create for it. So, that’s what I did.

I became a Web Designer, by the time this term was born.  And then I created my own web agency. We created web sites, web apps when even smartphones did not exist, beautifully crafted interfaces, always with the user’s experience in mind.

From there I grew my digital skills to stage and live visuals for concerts, theatre and events. I also created animations and visual effects for movies, and music videos.

As passionate about my work as I was, I had to share this passion. So I became a teacher and trainer in art school, showing the path to the next generation of graphic designers and art directors.

I continue my journey, creating and still learning, with unaltered passion and curiosity.